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Our Products

Whole animal, halves and beef quarters, cut to your specifications

Beef bundles--an assortment of cuts

Individual cuts, ground beef, stew and chipped beef, soup bones, organ meats

Quarter of a Beef   

A typical quarter contains:

Ground beef--half of the total is ground beef

Steaks--selection of rib steaks, T-bone, sirloin steaks, and porterhouse steak

Roasts--selection of English roasts, chuck roasts, tip roast, and rump roast

You can request brisket, short ribs and organ meats, as well as marrow bones for soup.

Our pasture raised and grass finished beef, raised as always on our farm, is now exclusively available to purchase through our partners at The Old Road Farm. This allows you to choose lots of easy ways to get our beef. 


You are now able to order beef as the custom "hanging weight" sides you're used to, as well as in bundles or by the individual cut, straight from their website,


Just click the link below to order online now.

What is Grass Fed & Finished Beef,
and why does it matter?

Why Heritage Trail Farm?

  • Healthy food grown locally

  • Humane animal husbandry

  • Pasture raised entire life

  • Low stress--our cows and calves eat-rest-fertilize the ground-and repeat

  • Ensure your food security by supporting local farms 

  • Flavor unmatched by grain fed counterparts

  • truly Farm-to-Table

Before large confined animal operations came into being, when most folks' beef was raised on a small farm and sold at the local butcher, all beef was fed on a mostly grass and dried hay diet, with little grains at all. Most meats now are raised in large commercial confinement facilities and shipped to your grocery store, big box/warehouse stores, and nationwide home meal delivery boxes.

This system requires the animals to be penned in a lot and fed large amounts of grains (and additives, and antibiotics) to gain weight. Those animals don't get the freedom to graze freely and seasonally on fresh grasses and forbs, and are much more prone to illness and disease.

Our animals are born on our farm, on pasture. They nurse from their mothers and gradually begin to eat grass and dried hay before they are mature enough to be weaned. We keep our cattle on fresh grass throughout their lives and supplement in the winter with dried hay and grass forage. We wait until they are mature and ready before processing, which can take twice as long as their grain fed counterparts, but we believe this low stress healthy life is more aligned with nature, produces a higher quality product that is worth the extra time and effort, for the health of the animal, the land and the people we feed. 


Grass fed beef is:

  • Higher in Omega 3s than grainfed counterparts

  • Excellent and best absorbed source of iron

  • Lower in calories and saturated fat than grainfed.

  • High in vitamins E and A

  • Rich in taste and in protein


Give us a call  724-222-5766  Come visit us!

Grass Finished Beef Nutrition


You are welcome to come to our farm and see the animals on pasture.




"Call me in the evening. I enjoy talking about our cows. I want the best product for your family. We will work for you as best we can to provide grass fed beef, raised with no grain, no antibiotics, no steroids, and no hormones, only grass fed beef raised as God intended.

-John Lindley


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