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Our Products

  • Whole animal, halves and quarters, cut to your specifications

  • Individual cuts, ground beef, stew and chipped beef, soup bones, organ meat

  • Farm pick up

  • Home delivery available 60 mile radius from Prosperity--$75 minimum purchase

Our Philosophy

  • Healthy food grown locally

  • Humane animal husbandry

  • Pasture raised entire life

  • Low stress--our cows and calves eat-rest-fertilize the ground-and repeat

  • Ensure food security by supporting local farms 

  • Flavor unmatched by grain fed counterparts

  • Farm-to-Table


Quarter of a Beef    $5.50 per lb. Hanging weight

On our bulk beef, we charge by the hanging weight. There are no other processing charges! Hanging weight for a typical quarter varies, and ranges from 100-160 pounds. The actual amount of packaged beef that you take home is approximately 67% of the hanging weight. So on average, if the hanging weight is 120 pounds, you would be taking home around 80 pounds of packaged meat. Every animal is different so the actual weight is variable. Cuts are flash frozen and vacuum sealed. 

A typical quarter contains:

Ground beef--half of the total is ground beef

Steaks--selection of rib steaks, T-bone steaks, round steaks, sirloin steaks, and porterhouse steak

Roasts--selection of English roasts, chuck roasts, tip roast, and rump roast

You can request brisket, short ribs and organ meats, as well as marrow bones for soup.

We highly recommend speaking directly to our butcher, who makes every effort meet your special cutting requests.

Half/Whole Beef   $5.50 lb. hanging weight 

Halves and whole beef are twice and four times the size

of quarters. Composition approximately the same just larger quantities.

Whole animal ground beef- $8 lb.  

Includes sirloins, roasts, filets all processed into the best ground beef you've ever tasted!

1 lb. packages. 


You are welcome to come to our farm and see the animals on pasture.



"Call me in the evening. I enjoy talking about our cows. I want the best product for your family. We will work for you as best we can to provide grass fed beef, raised with no grain, no antibiotics, no steroids, and no hormones, only grass fed beef raised as God intended.

-John Lindley


We are 40 miles south of Pittsburgh.


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