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HERITAGE TRAIL FARM, has been owned and operated by the Lindley family for over 100 years.  The last few years we have concentrated on raising healthy, grass fed and finished beef. No hormones, no grain, no antibiotics; grass only. Our beef herd consists of purebred registered Red Devons and also some registered Shorthorn & Angus females that are bred to our Red Devon bulls.  

We, as well as our customers have been pleased with the quality, flavor and tenderness of these good cattle.  We welcome customers to come and look at our cattle grazing on Mother Nature's natural, unaltered grass.  We work hard to do it right.  We know you will be pleased with our cattle, whether at the table or buying some breeding stock from us and raising your own.

"Just remember, the best steak can come from a grass-fed bovine and the worst steak can come from a grass-fed bovine. It all depends on the breed, the finish and the preparation.  We take pride on how we finish on grass.  Primarily we butcher in the fall when the grass quits growing.  Give us a call, we like to talk about cows." --John


Why Grass Fed Beef?

Why Heritage Trail Farm Beef? 

Grass fed beef is:

  • Higher in Omega 3s than grainfed counterparts

  • Excellent and best absorbed source of iron

  • Lower in calories and saturated fat than grainfed.

  • High in vitamins E and A

  • Rich in taste and in protein

  • A more humane way to raise cattle.

Our animals graze on the hills of Heritage Trail Farm grass throughout their entire life.

Give us a call  724-222-5766  Come visit us!

why local?

Know your beef was:

  • treated humanely 

  • never penned in a feed lot

  • allowed to eat and roam freely on grass

  • not given any antibiotics or hormones

  • not rushed to finish and to market

  • supports local farmers

  • reduces transportation costs and carbon footprint

  • ensures food security for the future

  • no farms, no food :)

HTF mascot, Bruce

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